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My name is Wee Kiat and I'm quite huggable, give me a hug and you'll see. I love to go "meh meh meh" :D Trying out blogging for the first time!

Anyway, this is where i'll be blogging most of my stuff! Remember to leave something behind (on the tagboard!) if you happen to chance across this blog of mine! :D

Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

Random post!

Friday, February 5, 2010 @ 2:02 AM


I'm back to post! Talked to PY today on msn. She was saying my blog is dead, but its not! I got post de okay! Even though its like, once a week! Hahahahhaa!

Anyway, i'm handing up my AIGD assignment later at 2pm (friday) :( I've still got a lot to do! But then, i still have a bit of time to spare to blog. :P

Let's hope i get good grades for this one! :D

Also, PY says my blog posts are so wordy D: so i'm kind of going to add in more pictures soon, like, when i have the time to take out my phone and snap some random shots! xD

All right, i'm going back to finish up my assignment!

P.S - Let's hope deardear fell asleep already... :X