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It's a meeeeee!

My name is Wee Kiat and I'm quite huggable, give me a hug and you'll see. I love to go "meh meh meh" :D Trying out blogging for the first time!

Anyway, this is where i'll be blogging most of my stuff! Remember to leave something behind (on the tagboard!) if you happen to chance across this blog of mine! :D

Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

Wee kiat has been very antisocial lately...

Friday, June 20, 2008 @ 2:21 AM

So remember to talk to him on msn if he is online! If he doesn't reply, MUST KAJIAO MORE. Nudge me until i lag out of the game! Don't worry, i wont bite. Ahahahaha! :)

On a side note, i went to do assignments today. Ahhhhhh got alot of stuff to do! (Don't worry, you still can talk to weekiat! :D)

After that i met Amalina and Daniel outside Compass Point on the way home, so we talked about alot of stuff :D *sigh* I miss secondary school life!

Anyway the holidays are going to be over, i think im not going to be able to wake up on time liao! xD

Went to study...then play :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 12:00 PM

Went to study with Honghui, Wai Hoong, Yeo Mei, Lewis, Dudley today. I know what you all are thinking right now...

Yes yes! Wee kiat hardworking ahh! THANK YOU THANK YOU~

Hahaha okay lar. Before you all say i damn thick skin :P

Anyway, i went there and hogged Honghui's laptop. xD I didn't get one yet mah! And i needed to add a few finishing touches to one of my assignments. Did a bit then felt lazy to continue. (But i still finished it at the end ok! LOL) So i ended up looking at websites that kinda helped for the research and then read Honghui's blog and a few others :P

Then me, Wai Hoong and Dudley were insulting each other over msn BESIDE EACH OTHER. Ahahaha. Fun right. LOL =X (I think im sadistic xD)

see same display pic on msn. :P

Anyway, they were very hardworking. See..

Lewis taught me a new war cry today. UUUUUH~! LOL.

So after that we went for pool for a bit to relax. Played for a few hours with them. I can't remember how long but i know GUANWEI CONCUSSED ME WITH A POOL BALL. How can u jumpshot and whack my head! LOL.

Feel like i kena owned liddat. Best shot ever. Ahahaha.

Anyway i think i'm improving at pool! YESSS. :P

So after that i think i got a bit high again, i end up bowling on pool table :D

Muwahahhahaa xD

So now im back at home. Tired! Nights :D

Study! Oh really? :P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 11:35 PM

Went to study at Rivervale Plaza's Macdonalds today with Honghui, Wai Hoong, Ying Hao. :P I think i was disturbing them instead. HAHAHAHHAA.

Pictures of the cluttered tables.


Muwahahaa! xD


Monday, June 16, 2008 @ 5:49 PM

Woke up at 2.14PM today, then realised i overslept and didn't attend my group meeting for the ASSIGNMENT! See my handphone got 11 missed calls. LOL, THAT DIDNT WAKE ME UP EITHER! Must have been too tired to sleep until liddat.

Sorry lar guys >_<.
Feeling very super duper bored today. Nothing to do!

So i ended up playing the computer for around 3 - 4 hours. Then realised my other assignments also havent touch, so i go and look at the submission dates....

I went back to play my computer game. (Ahahahahaha!) I have absolutely no sense of urgency. I think i holiday mood liao. xD Cannot cannot!

What i am about to say is NOT FOR KIDS! (Hohohoho~!)
Anyway i went out with my dad at night, saw 2 couples kissing at the roadside. I wanted to go there give them thumbs up and ask if i could join in but my dad stopped me. HUMPH! What is so wrong with joining in =X LOL! (Ok, maybe i'm a bit high now :P)

Anyway, what were u all thinking?! Hahahaha :P

Sorry lar, couldn't wait to try out uploading pics to blogger and not photobucket. Hehehe!

Jasmine, i'll do your quiz tomorrow! xD

Moogle. X_X

Kailing gave me a quiz...

Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 8:54 PM

Tagged by KAILING!

01. At which age do you want to get married?
Ans: 28?

02. Who is more important to you? Friends or boyfriend (<< !?!?!??!!) ?
Ans: EEE! WTF! GAY! NONONONO! Ok er, if i actually had to choose..girlfriend first. (That doesnt mean i will forget my friends la. Like i said, IF i actually had to choose)

(Ok, provided i change all the "boy" to "girl" after Q2, this quiz should sound ok xD)

03. Who is/are the person/people you trust most?
Ans: My family members.

04. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Ans: Not really.

05. What would you do if you saw someone abusing an innocent animal?
Ans: Abuse the person back. Tie him/her up, then throw him/her on a mrt track. WAHAHAHHAHAHAA

06. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Ans: Yes!

07. What is your goal for this year?
Ans: Get a good GPA! and alot of other stuff...

08. Do you believe in eternity love?
Ans: Oh, this reminds me of the time when i was young and innocent... *trails off*

09. Have you ever broken someone's heart that he/she tried to commit suicide?
Ans: No... and i hope not O_O

10. What feeling do you love most?
Ans: HIGH LOL (Okok that sounds so wrong, er, happy?)

11. What will you do if you are feeling sad?
Ans: Try to do stuff that will cheer me up... otherwise emo at home. =X

12. Do you usually put best friends before normal friends?
Ans: Kind of..

13. What kind of friends do you like?
Ans: Fun, energetic and friendly friends. XD

14. Do you like to hang out with friends?
Ans: Yes! Or else stone at home also nothing to do :(

15. What/Who do you think is/are the most important in your life?
Ans: Everyone is important in different aspects of my life.

16.If your girlfriend were to two-time you, what would you do?
Ans: Break up with her... unless the other party is a girl. AHAHAHAHAHHAA! (Ok i'm so not taking this seriously :P)

17. Will you take the move to woo a girl you like?
Ans: Depends.

18. Have you felt the true meaning of love?
Ans: Have i? I don't know. LOL

19. If someone likes you now, & you have a girlfriend, what will you do?
Ans: Reject her and stay with my girlfriend.. =S love is cruel =X

20. Do you believe in Pre-marital Sex? If no, what if you like the girl alot?
Ans: I'm sure all the guys want to put yes (LOL kidding) but this question is up to my girlfriend. (Means no lar!) :)

Remove 1 question from the above and add in one personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 7 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them at their tagboard that they've been tagged.

List of people who have been tagged :

Briana Delcine GuanWei HongHui Jasmine Jillson TaiHong!

Oh and i get the feeling that i wasn't very serious in doing this quiz. Oh come on! If you want to be so serious then might as well call a lawyer and do a report for you :P