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Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

Brutal F1 Accident!

Saturday, September 27, 2008 @ 11:59 PM

News reports say that during the qualifying heats during the Singapore F1 Night Race, a Formula 1 race car overturned, shocking thousands whom were viewing live at the course.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the course of events at that time.

An interview with fellow racer, Png Seng Guan, says that "it literally overturned".

An uploaded photo is shown here during the overturning of the F1.

`RenoWkyeo. says:
this is so wrong
`RenoWkyeo. says:
SENGGUAN . omg brutal f1 accident. how could this happen says:

So cute! =X

All pictures done by Seng Guan. Any link to persons in this short report is purely coincidental, and totally impossible.


Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 10:39 PM

This post is dedicated to people who are currently having major exams in their schools! JIA YOU PEOPLE! :D

Oh, and thank you Quikz (Eugene) for coming across this on Thursday.

Mindset of a winner

There are winners in this world; and there are losers.

That is a fact. What makes a winner? What makes a loser? The difference lies in attitudes, outlooks, mindsets. Usually, sooner or later, you will hear the loser blaming his failures on other people or external circumstances. The mindset that blames other people or outside circumstances for its failures is a mindset programmed to lose.

Why? Because it is a fatalistic mindset, a mindset that views its fate as beyond its control, at the mercy of others or outside circumstances. It is a mindset that has given up on its own powers and abilities. Winning requires hard work, perseverance and belief in oneself. It requires character. The winner won't admit defeat. There is some self-pride involved. And some courage involved. He knows that he cannot admit defeat, that not giving up, not quitting, is a very important moral issue. That it is essential, for his own sake, that he not do it. So he stubbornly persists. He believes that all things will yield to his will with sufficient effort and persistence. The mindset of the winner is to take responsibility for his actions, to blame himself and only himself for his failures, to believe that his destiny lies entirely within himself, rejecting any thought that his destiny is at the mercy of others or outside circumstances.

And it is this mindset that is one that is programmed to win.


Monane's First Outing at Changi Airport!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 @ 11:59 PM

Had lots of whacky fun today. xD

Went to Changi Airport today with around half of the Monane group from TBC 08/09! Arrived at around 7.30... abit late =X

But the good thing was...


Anyway, pictures..

Group gathering! Erm, that hand is from Colin.

Andy looks smart in his red and black outfit :D

Yes, Darren likes Swensens! :P

Berlinda, Gloria, Andy...

...Darren, Colin, Kenny!

Anyway, we went to the viewing gallery (was it a viewing gallery? cannot see anything :X) to play "Handiplast", suggested by Gloria! Yu Fei had a very nice wake up call while playing that... and my legs are sore! T_T

Erm, i cannot remember this is arrival or departure. Does it matter? xD

The Brewery.. coffee or wine? =X

Went back at around 11.30PM! Took 27.. Gloria asked me to take 53 then change bus but no concession, SORRY! =X

Anyway, i took the bus with Yu Fei and Simin.. had alot of goofy fun in the bus, and SORRY FOR THE MISGUIDED SHOT YU FEI! LOL xD (PAIN ANOT!?!? - erm, not that part, the back xD)

Still feeling abit.. high.. LOL.


Monday, September 22, 2008 @ 4:00 AM

Hahahaha!! Yongyi never did come down.. but anyway!



Sunday, September 21, 2008 @ 9:42 PM


Yes, yes, this was right after the GCA 2008 event! Went to Angus' house to celebrate his birthday.

List of attendees : Guan Wei, Charlie, Angus, Hong Hui, Jillson, Manfred, Seng Guan, Clement, Me, Yong Qin! Hee hee :D

Clement (Xiao Bai :D)

Manfred feeding Clement. CHIO BU WEI XIAO BAI~ LOL!

Oh yeah, Manfred also gave me some of the cake.. BUT HE CHEATED MY FEELINGS! HE GAVE ME THE CREAM PART! T_T So i ended up with a huge ball of cream in my mouth. =(

Oh and, refer to (21 sept post!) for our spastic pics. HEE HEE HEE xD