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Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

International Thalassaemia Conference '08!

Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 6:56 PM

Ahh! Finally finished with ITC 08 :D Fun but tiring at the same time!

Event was held at Suntec Conference Centre from 8 - 11, but we came a few days earlier for packing/briefing.


Day 1 (06 Oct!)

Packing stuff... tiring! But we cracked a few jokes along the way so it wasnt that bad. :P

Organiser and director's daughter in the middle! Still packing :P

..and packing.. this was after briefing btw!

Day 2 (07 Oct!)

Went shopping for clothes with Damien, Damien's friend, Dickson and Yi Cong! Saw Jia Min and Rayna too :D

Tried out the Wasabi fish murder- i mean fish BURGER, YUCKS xD Not going to touch that liao.

Day 3 (8 Oct!)

First day! Huge crowds! Hectic day! Jun Jie's in the picture.

Oh and, his full name is Lim Jun Jie. DAMN, 1 more letter to a superstar. :P

Ballroom 1's stage..

Still very crowded at night..

Eugene, Dickson, Jun Jie and me checking out the hotel that Jun Jie took the keys for. VERY NICE VIEW FROM THE HOTEL! (Pan Pacific)

..very nice beds too :X

Dickson and Eugene, both in very relaxed positions. :P

View from the window.. I think it covers the entire Central Business District.. wow =X

Big LCD tv! Even bigger mirror!

Hahahah, i like never see before the hotels at Suntec de, i took pictures of every place i went inside there xD

Day 5 (10 Oct!)

Rosanne, Dickson, Yi Cong (THE DOLL LOOKS LIKE HIM) and Rayna! (i should have gotten jia min inside, AGRR)

Boss 1 and Boss 2. LOL! (Nancy and Stella) Very friendly people :D i think they are the most caring bosses i've ever met. NO REALLY, IM NOT SUCKING UP xD\

Oh and thanks for the dinner Nancy!!


Day 6 (11 Oct!)

Took this in the morning. LOL!

Lee and Joseph. :D

Erm. Yicong looks damn happy. Stella and Yicong were both poking each other at the dinner table! Kajiao here, kajiao there. Very funny :P

Dylan, Nancy and Jun Jie. :D

I feel damn pai seh going twice. LOL =X

But overall, i had fun and i would have done it all again if i could! Hope to work with them again in the next event. :P

Oh and, i wont come late as well. xD


Friday, October 10, 2008 @ 3:03 AM

I haven't been updating the blog much, dont worry, its not a dead blog yet, im just off to work at the International Thalassaemia Conference! :P