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Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

4E6 BBQ!

Saturday, May 31, 2008 @ 3:56 AM

Had fun today :D

List of people who went - Guan Wei, Angus, Charlie, Hui Ping, Amalina, Rachel, Jocelyn, Vanessa, Kelvin, Zaixing, Syafiq, Becky, Thiam Wee, Charles, Yong You, Hadi, Daniel.

List of people who went and left (LOL) - Charles, Yong You, Hadi (Nice one la. zz)

We all met at the time period of 5 - 6 pm (with me being the lucky last one LOL)

zaixing STILL psping zaixing really cannot stop his PSPing.

Then we started making a fire at the "exchanged spot", Punggol park BBQ pit A06.(We were supposed to be at A04, then the people asked if they could change with us to BBQ pit A06... if im not wrong that's what happenned :D)

While we were setting up the fire (no firestarters also. POWER! XD) the people who rented A06 came and then we really kena pwn. So after some considering, we shifted to a gazebo (whatever you call that little hut in punggol park la) and bought some "temporary BBQ pits" to start our BBQ session. :P Oh ya, we started the fire for the A06 people! So good right. :D

Group gathering. Behind charles is KELVIN.
kah hao, charles, yy, syafiq, zx, kelvin

Zaixing (head downwards), Rachel (looking like want to kill me liddat) and Becky
becky. rachel, and zx

Pics of our deliveryman who did 80% of the work

Face blurred so you cannot see the hard working person! Or else later he kill me.

tanker front

Side view.
tanker side

Moved to the gazebo.
we moved

Angus was the cook again, with assistant helpers Charlie and Thiam Wee. Then they started cooking (at around 7pm wth, we hungry lar XD), and we started eating. Now i know why chefs don't want to eat their own creations.. 'cos too many people rushing for it liao, chef cannot eat xD

Then we all ate and did alot of random stuff there, i went cycling with GW (i sat at the back and read comic LOL - yes, felt damn gay as well LOL) and then i also learned that the bicycle is damn heavy with someone behind you (syafiq la, still can do something behind me sia. Air pollution. ahahaha) and then its very hard to control the bike!

So long never go Punggol park liao... at night really very cooling ah! xD

Oh and... this is what kelvin wants to say to you all.

Pictures of the event..

Kelvin caught eating :D

Almost everyone was there..

Amah! and ZX :D
zoom in!

Thiam Wee (tanker revealed LOL!)
thiam wee



Zaixing and his PSP (cannot stop)


K brand (Kah Hao)
kah hao



Charles Hadi Yongyou Syafiq
charles hadi yongyou syafiq

Violent Rachel. Hahahaha!


Assignments.. + our new found classmate!

Thursday, May 29, 2008 @ 11:21 PM

Well today we all did a role play for the various countries we were assigned to for Effective Interpersonal Communication (CMSK - and i dont know why u need such a long name for a subject that can be renamed as English Lesson =X)..5 Groups, 5 countries... and we got voted as the best presentation of our chosen country...i have no idea how we won with the crappy script of ours!

Well anyway, i hope the teacher gives all of us high marks for the projects :D

..and lets all welcome our new classmate, i bet you have never seen him before.. - i present you - Mohammad bin Dickson!

Mohammad bin Dickson

Applause please! xD

Here's another photo of him doing his stuff.. hip thrusting!

Hardo Dickson

Hahaha! XD

Well after CMSK i went for lunch with June-jie (visit her blog! and thanks for accompanying me!) and stoned with her at design school's canteen for quite a while, i dunno how long, but i almost fell asleep :( Didn't take any pictures though, but do cheer up lar. XD

Paksan's lecture was boring as hell as usual, then we all went for the gaming session.. the gaming session is getting boring :/ even the CS is backdated compared to the other computers from the other labs (which you are not supposed to play on! XD)

Happy Birthday HongHui!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 @ 10:39 PM

Up, down, up, down!

Yesh, yesh, happy (painful) bday :D

Today night was a fun night! About 30 people attended HH's bday celebration (wow), then we all ate "zi cao" at Hougang Plaza together (yummy :D) !

Many thanks (and laughs) to those who willingly kena taupok after makan. LOL!

Sad people who kena :
Tai Hong, Honghui (duh), Jillson, Jing Yang... and if i have forgotten your name, sorry! xD

Here's a picture after we ate...


How was the meal you say? Well, PNG SAYS GOOD! (Upon further interview, he says food was 4.9/5 stars, auntie serving was 1/5 stars! "I WAN CHIO AUNTIE", he says.) :X



and my soft toy theory for today is

kon? ouch. Plus Japan Beer Keg!

equals PWNED !!!

Eugene says ORLY!

Eugene Reloaded

Yes, really. My plushie theory is awesome. :D

Pics of the celebration!

HH looks shocked
psp... i want

Playing PSP

still playing

Still playing PSP

omg psp world!

Zaixing cannot stop Psp-ing

walao. all so active, my camera blur
wa wth dont so fast lah..LOL

zhiyang jacob and jason

Zhiyang trying to do skill. Once again my hp camera has failed. LOL



act cool lar LOL

Everyone standing up, taking a walk... trying to figure out who to taupok (no lah). LOL

sorry for the quality! :( handphone cam also. xD

HIDE AHHHHHHHHHH (ok maybe not)

Monday, May 26, 2008 @ 10:58 PM

Don't ask me what happenned. I went to Mediacorp station today to see the Channel U show Live with my friend! End up kena live view of me =( LOL.

After the show my friend went and took a few pictures (shutter spoil liao la, keep clicking...)

Here are a few of them, hold on...

channel u show live!


who is this? HAHAHAHA.

and then

yesh, its real :D

Best thing is i never knew he is a twin brother of Jia Xi! NICE ONE. (Ok la, so the girls go crazy over him, but i not gay so :D LOL)

Worst thing is that there were no girls for me to take photo with. (Although they were crying because their idol lost. COME. HUGHUG~ xD) SAD CASE. =(

Hahahaha! Anyway, malu enuf liao, and my ears are still ringing because of the screaming. Nights!

Assignments... + wk's very own origami session!

Sunday, May 25, 2008 @ 12:25 AM

Today i went out in the afternoon for the discussion of the assignments... but end up only 3 out of 5 of us met at Yoshinoya at Bugis! (I TOLD YOU LONG JOHN SILVER! xD) I have to say sorry to Sam for forgetting to remind him (blur sotong in action!) and Kelvin had better do the other project with sam ah!

So we were basically discussing stuff when i got a bit... creative. I dunno how i managed to fold one of the cranes from tissue paper! PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT! YESSSSSS~ (ok stop laughing =/)

Here are my works of art! (I bet you never knew i could fold cranes ah!!)

Tissue Crane


Tissue and Paper Crane :D

Tissue paper cranes ok! You don't see them everyday! =X (Sorry for the quality, handphone cam :P)

EDIT : Oh yar, tissue paper courtesy of Yoshinoya. Sorry auntie! xD

Then after all the discussion about the assignments i went shopping! Walk around bugis, wahahahaha.