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Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

C204 Class Outing!

Friday, October 17, 2008 @ 9:24 PM

Woo! I think this is the class' first outing. :X

So erm, we ate at Seoul Garden at Marina Square today, but i dunno why i never eat much (i think because i dont want to get cancer eating burnt food :X) but we had fun as a class :D

Many thanks to the people who came!

Keeping it short, alot of pictures you know. :X


Travelling to Seoul Garden in the afternoon!

Ming Jia, our resident international student! :P

Almost the whole class eating. :P There were also a secondary school group of students eating there, and even a JC group! But sorry, no primary school group. :X

I...look... retarded =/

for further info on why we're putting our fists to our hearts, click > ( the link! (and go look at the one with the blue shirt photo) THIS GOES OUT TO YOU, NG YONG YI! LOL!

...and if you all dont get it yet, he was sabo-ed to be nominated up there by Wee Yen. xD

Our course careperson (Ms Tan) and Kelvin!

Me, Jonathan, Dickson, Yi Cong!


Group photos after lunner! (Lunch and dinner! :X)

So after our food, we went around marina square, first to an arcade (NONO SIMIN SHH =X), then shopping and slacking around!

Eugene and Jerven

Omg. This one should be in Men's health :X

Our dear Samuel, who left for NS (Civil Service) and Shaun!

There's alot more pictures but erm, i think you all will get tired of scrolling down ah! xD

Anyway had lots of goofy fun today again. Videos are linked below, by the way! :P

At the buffet...

Dickson playing games :P

Oh and many thanks to Yi Cong for the camera! :D


Tuesday, October 14, 2008 @ 2:48 AM


Okay, so um, starting off with a less random note, we went shopping around orchard today. (14 Oct)


Dickson looks really short in the picture. LOL

Yi Cong, Dickson, Jun Jie

Later on in the evening, at the Apple shop, Epicentre!

Having fun with the iPhone..

Back entrance of Wheelock Place!

So anyway, after almost a whole day of shopping... we all parted and went back home!

But i went for supper :X


Jerven and Yong Yi @ Rivervale Plaza!

Had fun :D

Kbox on Sunday!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008 @ 2:31 AM

What's the best way to escape the heat of a sunny Sunday? Run into a Kbox centre =X (This is very lame xD)

OK NVM! So anyway, we were supposed to meet at Bugis at around 10.45AM to go for the K session, which was supposed to be a Monane group outing which was supposed to be alot of people going but EVERYONE WAS OVERSEAS ENJOYING LIFE so erm, we ended up with only a bit of people going to the kbox session from our group.

List of people who went : simin, irving, dono, yufei, andy, kanlong, nic yuen, danny and kexian!

Oh and me also. :X

It was pretty fun, i had to warm up a bit at the start but i swear i was active enough to sing after a while! xD


Me, Kexian, Irving, Yufei (hidden at the back)

OMG, unglam! =X

Now i look double-headed! Erm. At least it looks less unglam. :X

Many thanks to Simin who took the pictures with her lovely T70. xD

Oh and Andy was suggesting we sing more old songs next time. Shall we move onto dialect songs? :X