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My name is Wee Kiat and I'm quite huggable, give me a hug and you'll see. I love to go "meh meh meh" :D Trying out blogging for the first time!

Anyway, this is where i'll be blogging most of my stuff! Remember to leave something behind (on the tagboard!) if you happen to chance across this blog of mine! :D

Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

Games Convention Asia 2008!

Saturday, September 20, 2008 @ 11:54 PM

Blog! blog! blog! :D

Anyway it was quite an experience for the 3 days at GCA 2008.. lots of goofing around, fun :D


Bad boy at the back. :P

This one looks very futuristic =X

Secretariat, Room 307 at Suntec!

The "lounge" for the conferences..

The third day was a bit more slack, we had time to run around on the 4th floor (we were located at the 3rd floor, Conferences) and play a bit of the games :D

Center stage! Very blur, i know T_T

Rosanne, Aidah and Jonathan playing Rock Band :P

Dead Space.. creepy game :/ i don't like creepy. :P

EA's booth..

..and all the consoles lined up together for show! :P

So at around 1, we went back to the conference room to listen to a speech. Turns out that i had already viewed the slides before! So 15 mins later, we went back up xD

The day really went by quite fast, we helped out at the registration counter at level 4 for around 3 hours and then we went back in! xD

This guy was sms-ing in his tactical suit xD

Team fortress 2, and look who's playing! xD (Its a cosplaying spy at the keyboard :P)

Group photos by the end of the day!

Taken with almost everyone in this pic (except the ones who went home early!)

I'm getting photo-taupoked in this one, i was posing and they all fell over me T_T

Overall the "attachment" wasnt that interesting, although if you looked at it at a certain viewpoint it would be more meaningful... but the fun that we all had at the event was really, really worth it :D

Oh and.. we were working for free in exchange for a "work testimonial" (like that's going to help!!?!) and "work experience" (BLASPHEMY!) :P

GCA 2008.. (Setup)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 @ 4:08 AM

Won't be blogging much until the end of this week because i've got the Games Convention Asia event for 3 days!

Anyway, went for the setup today. Most of us were complaining we were free labour (hey, no pay) xD

Still! WE HAD LOTS OF GOOFY FUN. Come on, if you're gonna work, you're gonna enjoy it!


Dick in the box :P

BUBBLE WRAP BAT- i mean plastic bag heaven! :P

Konochi and Dickson. :P

Muwhahaha! xD

We even went to the extent of cheering inside the room until they had to come in and tell us to keep it down! :P

Late night snack :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 @ 4:08 AM

Went to RP today with Yongyi for a late night snack :D

2 am to 4! woots. :P

Lantern Festival at Punggol Park!

Sunday, September 14, 2008 @ 2:24 AM

Date : 13/09

"Just a outing that i've promised to organize again. Interested parties are most welcomed." - Guan Wei

HAAHAHAHAHAH i just realised the starting of the post like memorial liddat! xD

Well anyway, it was quite fun with the mini campfires at Punggol Park. :P


Elleen and Liuyun!

Jillson and Elleen!

Colin (Xiang Xiang LOL) and Seng Guan!

Colin's scared of fire! xD

Charlie's heart. Who is it for, he won't tell! :P


Oh wait! HAHAHAHAHAH!! This is so wrong xD

Jillson's "I am sry"! It looks like "I am gay" from this view. LOL!

Zaixing, Gabriel, Fidelis and SengGuan!

Fidelis, Charlie, Zaixing!

Seng Guan and Angus! Super blur. TSK! :P

The pictures above are from Punggol Park to Block 401 :X

So after that, we all went to Future Court (near Rivervale Plaza) to play a bit of basketball.. i ended up playing with Zaixing's PSP there instead of joining in, hee :X

Oh and, Hui Sheng joined us (after work) at the basketball court! He's still very tall.. LOL. But yeah, very long time never see him liao.

Sat there with GuanWei for like, very long (all i know is i used up 1 bar of ZX's PSP battery! HEHE xD) and stoned for a bit looking at the night sky. So clear.. no stars de.

So 5/6 into the basketball session, like what GuanWei said in his blog post, a few policemen came to celebrate Lantern Festival with us! (We were playing until like 2+ am in the morning xD) So that was the end of our lantern festival event xD

Went home with a few of the guys! JILLSON YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BIKE FIXED!! xD

Oh and, i really really hope GW plans this event next year, even though it was not that great, but it was still, very the fun! xD