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My name is Wee Kiat and I'm quite huggable, give me a hug and you'll see. I love to go "meh meh meh" :D Trying out blogging for the first time!

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Temasek Polytechnic Student! 22 Nov!

Went to the IT show today...

Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 11:33 PM

Ahahaha, go walk walk! ^_^

Went IT show today with Kelvin, Zaixing and Jacob today. Junxi joined us later on (he very good, come down from SP go home with us LOL!). Walked around the whole 3 floors and collected a few brochures from the people there, because i need a laptop... Zaixing keep taking the brochures only from the girls, then give them to me when they are out of sight! HOW CAN LIDDAT. SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION! LOL. (Ok la, he very good, not all girls, only take from the chio girls. AHAHHAHAA xD)

Well anyway Singtel is having a F1 Night Race ride there, which is based on the real track and everything. I don't know if you have to pay or buy anything to try it out, but it looks really cool!

Formula 1 Singtel!

Oh ya... anyone have any suggestions for a good laptop? I want a light one so i dont get a backache going to school. xD


Thursday, June 12, 2008 @ 11:23 AM

Today whole day stone at home :P

Finally a bit of a break with the hectic schedule i'm having.

Anyway, i tried to go somewhere today, but apparently my cousin pangseh me. :( PLACE BET SOME MORE. Smack u later. LOL

Hooray for sitting on my butt the whole day! :D

6-9 Chalet + BBQ :D

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 @ 10:20 PM

One chalet after another + not enough sleep! Will wk survive this onslaught of chalets?!!? YES! Because he's still here blogging :D Hahahaha!

But well i came back home a zombie LOL! (slept a bit liao lar, better now :D)

Anyway, alot of people turned up this time for the primary school gathering chalet! (okok sounds funny, lets keep it to 6-9 chalet :P) It felt so nice to know we still know each other after so long :)

Went for pool (JiaJie's plan - FREE TIME) before the bbq started at the new Ehub! mall with everyone... and i must say that that is the best pricing i have ever seen at a pool shop! $9 per hour T_T but i still played anyway xD! The room was full so we had to wait a while... but afterwards i tried a few 2v2 matches and conned Honghui into going to the "nearest" atm with me! LOL. (I told him 1st floor... 1st floor of the shop opposite the mall. LOL!)

After that we all went back to get the stuff for the BBQ... but actually we all stayed in the room for quite a bit, while i took Hwee Yon's PSP to play Patapon :D (Pata pata pata pon!)

So the BBQ was not bad (Angus was cooking again, anyone wants to hire him as part-time bbq chef please leave a message on his blog xD) and its the first time the guys are cooking instead of the girls :D

Ok la. Enough words. Later you all sleep. LOL!

Before camera was handled by girls
6-9 group pic 1

After camera was handled by girls. XD (Note : Yanting's Handiwork xD)
6-9 group pic 5

Muwahahaha. Angus took these

Chong sian, what are you doing!!

Peifen's Chalet! + "Steamboat"

Monday, June 9, 2008 @ 10:16 PM

Muwahahahaha! Had fun at the chalet, although like Peifen said, they should have planned it a bit more carefully.

Nevertheless, it was very fun! :D

I arrived a bit later at 5 pm, then Yi Cong brought me into the chalet. I thought it was at the side where you need to pay $1 to get in.. it was actually the old chalet, near escape theme park :D

When we got there the door was locked (Peifen, Ah boon, adeline, mates, what are you four doing?!?! xD), but after bit of calling Peifen unlocked the door so we could go in :D

Inside, we played a bit of taiti while the others played their DS and laptop. Many thanks to Peifen's very very very big playing cards, it taught me how to shuffle in a different way :P

A while later, quite alot of people came liao so it was pretty crowded inside the chalet.. but still not dinnertime yet because we needed the extension plug. (You know, the thingy that adds more wire to your wire?? LOL makes no sense :P)

Picture of the chalet...

Then we went to get some supplies at the new Ehub! mall, which is a stone's throw away from the chalet. Yi Cong also brought us to that FAR FAR FAR away place to buy "no brand cake". (Do in toilet can liao ma! LOL) Then Benjamin brought us back the chalet in his car. It was a pretty fun ride.. can Ben drift using his car? LOL.

Oh ya.. Yongyi is going to be so sad. xD (Who ask u don't want go!)


Ok lar, so the picture is abit blur. Handphone camera what :(

So Ben also brought the extension and then we started eating from the pot (well, a few of them).

Jolene and company

and even more company
eat some more :D

I was trying to take Peifen when they all came in :( WALAO.
want some water?

So ya, after that we all "celebrated" Ah Boon going into NS with the cake, and then tried to plant his face into the cake with it (it failed) so some of them go and bua his face with the cake and some of them poured a bit of beer on him (ok la, 2 half drunk cans. LOL).

I'd let you all see the video but i cant rotate the thing around :(

After all that abuse (poor ah boon xD), most of them went back and the remaining ones sat down outside to chat... while some disappeared upstairs (*cough* *cough* *nudge* *nudge*) and some of them went elsewhere!

We all chatted for quite a bit outside (and the "large and small" event the 2 girls did to mario, wesley and me) , then the topic changed to ghost stories (ARRGH) at around 1 am, i forgot why but ya, i dont like ghost stories LOL! Desmond, Katherine and Mario told us how creepy TP was at night, etc etc etc (I DONT WANT TO REMEMBER >_< LOL!)

Then after that they all got a bit sleepy at around 4+, so it was pretty much lights off at that time... but i couldnt get to sleep because my nerves were still at full power due to the ghost stories :( ARRGH! Another reason would have been because i didn't want Mervyn hugging me at night :D LOL.

So i went outside and talked (and stoned) with Yi Cong and Wesley... then at 6+ we went to McDonalds for a very early breakfast.

Then i went back to the chalet and stoned until 9++... and then i went home to get some sleep... that i could come back again at noon for my other chalet. LOL! (Read the blog above!)

Oh ya, i may just join IITSC Jolene and Katherine!! Hahahaha!

On a side note..

Desmond and Mario's morning exercise

Next day at work..

Sunday, June 8, 2008 @ 11:58 PM

Well today wasnt too bad either, everyone got a bit more friendly :D

Didn't really slack this time, but it was still very boring, so i "explored" the counter for quite a bit and look what i found, Best Denki is from Russia!! (Look at the words below the english words)

best denki russia?

See the yellow sticker? That's the Best Denki camera department logo. The cloth actually looks like this...

Best denki cloth

Nice right. It feels so smooth. :D Hahaha!

After a while, the guys at the counter dispersed for dinner, so i took a picture..

so many people :(

Hahaha! We're not supposed to use handphones but i did. Take photos some more! xD

After a few more hours of standing up at the counter i went for dinner with Charles and Eric. Here are our following scores for dinner...

Food Eating Contest!

Charles 2.5 Packets
Eric 0.8 Packet
Wee Kiat 2.0 Packets

Charles beat me :(

Hahahaha!! The storeman say i either damn hungry or my size doesnt fit my eating capacity. LOL! Ya, i eat alot!

Then i went out to take some bottles of water for me and the 2 guys at the side of the office (We had to enter the office to get our food, it was behind a well hidden door >_<), and that was when one of the japanese managers stopped me and pointed to the sign "Do not waste water".

Know why? Because i took 3 bottles and he thought i wanted to drink 3 of them all! NO LAH! I not water tank ok. :P I told him my colleagues were inside, i was helping them and he smiled and asked me to go ahead. YAY! :P

After work i went for supper and pool with Daniel and Yuyang. Yuyang was super funny at dinner, LOL. Played a few rounds of pool (which was pretty fun) and then went home to sleep. Super tired that night!

Ok! Stay tuned for tomorrow's story :P